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Is Traffic a Ranking Factor in 2019?
Is Traffic a Ranking Signal in 2019?

25 Sep 2019

One of the more enjoyable (and challenging) aspects of search engine optimization is the many nuances involved. Rarely is anything black or white—it’s mostly shades of grey. This uncertainty certainly applies when it comes to assessing the impact of website traffic as a ranking factor. The answer isn’t as cut and dried as you may…


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Compounded Signals
Why Your Relationship With Google Is Failing (And How Compounded Signals Can Fix It)

10 Sep 2019

Human beings tend to confuse each other. Especially when it comes to communication. Despite our noblest attempts at clarity, we misuse words. We exhibit unintended body language. We assume the worst when something is unclear. People send each other mixed signals in numerous ways. Luckily, most people can read contextual cues and use them to…


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Your Content, Made Simple
Your Content, Made Simple

4 Sep 2019

For three years now, we’ve offered content based on tiers. Back in the PBNButler days, it was Professional and Expert content. When we rebranded as SEOButler, we changed to a tiered 3, 4, and 5-star system. This has served us well. Many of our competitors—whether they’re charging for content, guest posts, SEO packages, or virtually…


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The Butler's Rant Jonathan Kiekbusch
The Butler’s Unplug! Rant

2 Aug 2019

Recently, I did something truly terrifying. I took a weekend off to go camping, deep in the English countryside. It wasn’t the threat of rain or being attacked by sheep that filled me with dread… No. It was the fact that I left my laptop at home and ventured deep into the woods—where there was…


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The Butler's Rant Jonathan Kiekbusch
The Butler’s Focus Rant

7 Jun 2019

Wake up… Coffee… Gym?? Office! Emails… Projects… Calls… Accounts?? Stress! AHHH! I am sure most of you are familiar with the feeling that creeps up every now and then, that gutting feeling of being overwhelmed. You have all of these things that you want to achieve, innovations, deals to close, product or service improvements. Send…


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